A guide for business owners that FINALLY gets you building your list of future customers.

Beat your procrastination, and get started with building your list in 78 minutes or less!


Do you just want to get starting with building that list of new customers

Are you fed up with knowing that you're losing business and hearing that everyone else is doing it, but you want to get started yourself NOW?

  • 1.

    Do you just have absolutely no idea what to do?

  • 2.

    Or do you find that you've love to get started, but you have no time to do it?

  • 3.

    Or perhaps you're stuck with deciding how to create your ethical bribe/landing page/getting visitors to your page (or any other aspect of the process)?

Some people would have you believe that there's some magical wizardry to building your list. It's much simpler than you think...

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No B.S. No waffle. No jargon.

Just 8 pages to follow and implement to start building your list of potential customers in just over 1 hour.

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Finally, a simple ebook created for busy business owners just like you who are too busy to be messing about. You just want to get results. 

You'll also know that it's a matter of getting started. The most effective customer list building system is one that exists and being actively used. (It's obvious really. If you don't have a system for bringing in customers, then it won't work!)

So actually, I misused 'system' here... be under no illusion... the simplest possible solution can be achieved very easily... 

  • a very simple freebie
  • with a simple web page, 
  • an email 
  • and a tiny push to get your first potential customer on your list.

It's all about doing something and getting even the most basic customer-collection system works. You can always refine it later.

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