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"The Lead Magnet Inspiration Pack for Experts and Consultants..."


As an expert or consultant, you already know that you need to build your list of prospects by capturing their name and email details

The whole point of a lead magnet is to offer genuine and valuable help to prospective clients whilst asking for something in return. i.e. You’re giving away something that’s almost free. Your prospect just needs to give you their email address first

Once you have that email address, you can then nurture that prospect over time to encourage them to become your client when they are ready to buy.

The incentive that you offer your prospects is called a 'lead magnet', but coming up with ideas of something interesting and attractive for your prospects is REALLY tough. You need something interesting, useful and different.

To help you find an idea for YOUR lead magnet, this book contains 36 different ideas for you, covering 12 different types of business. 

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The different businesses featured in this book include: 

accountants, business coaches, social media consultants, architects, graphic designers, copywriters, relationship coaches, web developers, IFAs, IP lawyers, private tutors and virtual assistants.

There's a whole section in the book on how to tweak the ideas for the above business types to make the ideas relevant to your business too! So it doesn't matter if your business is not listed above, you can still use the ideas featured in this book.

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